Beta 4.0

This is a summary of the AURIN Portal Beta 4 features and supporting backend improvements.


Currently, we serve over 600 datasets. These datasets are provided from a range of federated datasources. Amongst significant new datasources in AURIN Beta 4 are:

ABS .Stat


Australian Property Monitors (APM) property transaction data

  • 30 aggregated time series datasets with property sales statistics covering up to 20 years of transactions.


Other new data providers:

  • Department of Justice (VIC)
  • Geoscience Australia (National Exposure Information System)
  • Melbourne Water
  • PSMA Street Network for Australia
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (VIC)
  • VicPolice
  • VicRoads

User-facing Features

Analytical tools (AURIN provided)

  • Generic tools from AURIN (Tools >> Data, Tools >> Spatial Data Manipulation) for joins, spatialisation of datasets, and some others (Count by Attributes)
  • Cleaning and exposure of UQ tools (Tools >> Charts, Tools >> Statistical Analysis)
  • Re-vamped annotations for Coffee tools and Walkability, including better error handling, (Tools >> Spatial Statistics, Tools >> Walkability)
  • What-if functionality released to stable Staging.


Visualization capabilities (AURIN provided)

Editability and advanced options for thematic mapping (Maps, Charts and Graphs >> Map Visualizations), including:

  • Ability to set transparency of highlighting and colours
  • Reversibility of colour ramps
  • Definition of custom colour ranges and the ability to copy colour ranges from a pre-existing thematic map (Choropleth – Custom Ranges)
  • Improved dot styling for Centroid maps, in particular dot scaling
  • Graph visualization methods (requires BPNet graph datasets, need to be created using Analytical Tools).
  • Improved handling of zooming by choroplth maps (multi-generalization visualization)


Visualization capabilities (Lens provided)

  • Addition of PieCharts and Linear Regression plots and line charts in static graphs (and much more in the tools section).


Other UI enhancements

  • Separation of tools and datasets into separate frames
  • Separation of the geometry editor from area selector into dataset pane
  • Improvements in terms and conditions handling (APM)
  • New aggregations in the Area Selector window and joint support for ASGC and ASGS, with improved map generalization.
  • Extension of the data shoping mechanism to support mandatory filtering along “dimensions” in data cube data sources (APM, ABS)
  • Support for Group datasets (APM, ABS), with multiple slices of the dataset based on time aggregations
  • Improved handling of projects, including the ability to manage them

Core features

  • Re-engineering of the Data Registration system
  • Re-generated and improved content of the Geoinfo module (multi-resolution boundaries) and the geoclassification graph.
  • Stability and hardening of the Queuing system
  • Addition of ABS and APM data clients
  • A service to collect statistics about data and project useage (internal monitoring)
  • Security subsystem enabling to expose only a subset of dataset to non-academic users (filtering out APM currently)
  • Establishment of the Public-API component as a single application-facing component of AURIN