• Data licensing audit
    • Datasources have been renamed in line with licence agreements
    • Consolidation of datasets
    • Victorian Government – department restructuring
    • Removal of datasets that are unlicensed, and will not be licensed in the future.
  • Retired Datasources
    • WA Department of Health
    • Victoria Police
    • ABS SA1 datasets for South Australia


  • Variable titles available as labels in charts
  • New operators available in Generate tools
  • Improved Heat Map output
  • Improved Spider chart
  • EPI tool output fixed and reformatted
  • T-test tool output improved
  • Improved output of summary tool
  • Removed Dual Windsor Regression (Intended for demo only)
  • Removed Attribute Min Max Mean (Duplicated functionality with Summary Statistics tools)


  • VicMap tiles added to base maps
  • Datasets / datasource monitoring tool
  • Transparency can be set for centroids
  • Colour Coding of Help Buttons and Report an Issue


  • Edge2 implemented with security in place.


  • Fixed shapefile download file extension
  • Fixed downloads in Safari
  • GeoTools worker bug fix, solved CPU 100% utilisation issue
  • Fix postal areas choropleth
  • Disable edit and zoom extent for overlays

    Known Issues

  • VicHealth tool results cannot be mapped