Release notes for v1.0.2

New Features and Improvements

  • New tools for filtering attributes to create a subset of the original data set based on either numeric or string variables (This is great if you want to map, for example, only bottle shops but not restaurants among licensed premises)
  • Improved horizontal bar charts – The output window will be larger, sized proportionally to the users view pane and Labels on bars will be shown on chart if <=40 bars, and shown on mouse-over for >40 bars.
  • Improved sorting of legend in choropleth.
  • Contextual help in Define Study Area now available.
  • Contextual help for AURIN Terms of Use now available.
  • Improved metadata browser window
  • Improved Choropleth tool for point, and line datasets.
  • Choropleths now automatically named using the attribute.
  • Smaller defaults for choropleth point sizes.
  • Improved layout of top bar.
  • Removed reset function from MyAURIN menu.
  • Added support for points datasets for Distance Decay and Distance Spatial Weights matrices.
  • Added new tools for generating and deriving new attributes in spatial datasets.
  • Bar chart now supports string attributes.
  • Pie chart now supports string attributes.
  • New Sort by Variable tool.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem in Map Screenshot – base-maps were missing.
  • Fixed attribute list sometimes not appearing in Chrome.
  • Fixed horizontal bar chart for integer variables.
  • Fixed Choropleth Centroid and Custom-Ranges not accepting some attributes of certain types.
  • Fixed Choropleth of walkability results problem.
  • Fixed bug in Area selection dialogue that cause shopping errors.
  • Choropleth legend for line datasets now displays correct line colour.
  • Default state in filtering check boxes now matches default filtering behaviour.
  • Fixed attribute filtering issues causing shopping failure.
  • Fixed copyrightTitle field in metadata registry – field is now non-mandatory.