Version 1

V1.0.1 Software release schedule and features

  • This is micro enhancement/bug fix release. Enhancements implemented and numerous minor bugs/features fixed:
  • Additional fields (such as download-by-date, download-by-user, etc.) are now recorded. This fields allows more detailed usage statistics reports.
  • Initialization issue where “unable to initialize the portal” message which sporadically occurs has been resolved.
  • Various UI bugs/enhancements – such as broken Info button, aesthetic changes.
  • Unable to associate new permissions to users within the Admin Dashboard has now been addressed.
  • System was become unreachable when put under heavy usage. This was caused by DB connections not being completely closed – this has been fixed since.
  • Broader testing on access and security was carried out – ABR and BOM datasets were tested.
  • Bugs related to walkability: Land Use Mix and PSMA/Walkability Filtering issue.
  • V1.0.1 is scheduled for release on 7-Dec-2015 and development is on track.


  • Another bug fix release is planned for 1st quarter 2016.


  • This release will contain several new features/data resources. Currently, OpenAPI and RPData are scheduled to be part of this release
  • The release date is scheduled towards the end of May 2016.