Generate Numeric


The Generate Numeric tool allows you to create new columns and variables that are the result of manipulating one column by a simple mathematical function


In this example, we will extend the example undertaken in the Generate tool, by converting the decimal  proportion of people working in the Mining sector across LGAs in Queensland in 2011 into a percentage

  • Select Queensland as your area
  • Select LGA Industry Sectors 2001 – 2006 – 2011 for Australia as your dataset, including the following variables:
    •  LGA Code
    •  LGA Name
    •  Mining (2011)
    •  Total Persons (2011)

Once you have added the data, perform the Generate example, and rename the output Mining_Proportion_Output

Once you have performed the generate function, open the Generate Numeric tools (Tools → Data Manipulation → Generate Numeric) and enter the parameters as shown in the image below (each of the parameters is explained in more detail below the image)

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  • Dataset Input: This is the dataset that contains the columns you would like to include in the calculation. In this example we will use the dataset we created with the Generate tool named Mining_Proportion_Output
  • Operand 1: This represents the ‘left hand side’ of the equation. In this instance we will use the Proportion_Mining column
  • Operator: This represents the mathematical function that you would like to use to create the new column. In this instance, we are creating a percentage from a proportion, so we will use the multiply function (*)
  • Operand 2: This represents the ‘right hand side’ of the equation. In this instance we will use 100
  • New Column Name: This will be the new column in the output table. It is important that you only include letters, numbers and underscores (no spaces or other characters!) in this column. Also, it can only start with a letter – no number at the start!

Once you have entered your parameters, click Add and Run


Once your tool as run, a new dataset will appear in your Data panel named Output: GenerateNumeric XXX. It might be a good idea to rename it at this point. If you open the dataset up, you will see the new column that you have created at the right hand side of the table. In our example here, this represents the percentage of the total population employed in the mining sector in Queensland at the 2011 census by LGA (it is right next to the Proportion_Mining column, and you can see that it’s simply the same value multiplied by 100)

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