Dataset Attribute Filter


This tool allows you to keep some parts of a dataset based on their values. For example, you may only want to keep part of the dataset where the value of Variable X is greater than 2, and exclude the remainders of the dataset


For this example we will filter out a dataset from Perth, and create a subset dataset of SA2s where the proportion of the population experiencing Housing Stress is above 5%. To do this

  • Select Perth GCCSA as your area
  • Select SA2 Housing Transport as your dataset, and select the following variables:
    •  Local Government Area Code
    •  Local Government Area Name
    •  Mortgage Stress – Percent

Once you have added the dataset, if you open it you should see that there are 173 records (SA2s) for the area. Open the Dataset Attribute Filter tool (Tools → Data Manipulation → Dataset Attribute Filter) and enter the parameters as shown in the image below (each of these is explained below the image in more detail)

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  • input_dataset: The dataset that you would like to run the filter over. In this instance, we are using SA2 Housing Transport
  • Attribute: The attribute that you would like to use to filter based on its values. In this instance we are using Mortgage Stress – Percent
  • Operator: The ‘rule’ for applying to the attribute. In this instance, we are selecting Greater Than
  • Attribute Value: The ‘value’ for applying to the attribute. In this instance we are selecting 5. 

Taken together this means: Create a new dataset from SA2 Housing Transport where only those rows are kept/included where Mortgage Stress – Percent is greater than 5%

Click Add and Run


Once you have run the tool, click on the Display button. This will open up the new dataset now shown in your Data panel named Output: geojson_filter XXX. If you look at the dataset, you will see it only contains 140 rows (as opposed to the original 173), because we’ve only kept rows where the Housing stress percentage was above 5%.

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