Attribute Unique Values


The Attribute Unique Values tool analyses a column in one of your tables and produces a new table of all the unique values within that column. If there are duplicate values (that is, two or more areas have the same value for that column), then a single row is created.


To show how the Attribute Unique Values tool works, we will use it on a dataset from Queensland.

  • Select Queensland as your area
  • Select SA3-based B02 Selected Medians and Averages as at 2011-08-11 as your dataset, with all attributes
  • Enter you parameters as shown below:
    •  Dataset: SA3-based B02 Selected Medians and Averages as at 2011-08-11
    •  Attribute: Median total personal income ($/weekly)
  • Once you have entered your parameters, click Add and Run 

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Once you have run the tool, if you click Display on the pop-up dialogue, it should come up with a table with a column of all the unique values found within the column you ran through the tool, as shown below

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