Attribute Minimum, Median, Maximum, and Record Count


This tool allows for a simple summarisation of an attribute within a dataset, allowing you to quickly access the minimum value, median value, maximum value and the number of values that were counted


To show this tool in use, we will summarise the details of child care places in Northern Queensland

  • Select Townsville SA4 as your area
  • Select Early Childhood Education and Care Services for Australia as your dataset, selecting all values

Once you have done this, open the tool (Tools  Statistical Analysis  Attribute Minimum, Median, Maximum and Record Count) and enter the parameters as shown below. These are also explained under the image.

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  • Dataset: The dataset that contains the variable you’d like to summarise. In this case, we select Early Childhood Education and Care Services for Australia
  • Attribute: The variable that you’d like to summarise. In this case we select Number of Approved Places

Once you have entered the parameters, click Add and Run to execute the tool


Once your tool as run, click the Display button to open the output table that has appeared in your Data panel, named Output: AttributeMinMeanMaxandRecordCount XXX. This should look something like the image shown below.

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