ASGC Australian Statistical Geographical Classification

ASGS Australian Statistical Geography Standard

AUS Australia

CD Collector District

CED Commonwealth Electoral Division

CLUE Census of Land Use and Employment (City of Melbourne)

FER Functional Economic Region

FES FloorSpace and Employment Survey (City of Sydney)

GCCSA Greater Capital City Statistical Areas

LGA Local Government Area

LUAD Land Use and Activity Dataset

MB Mesh Block

NEC National Employment Clusters

PBC Polling Booth Catchment

POA Postal Areas

SA1 Statistical Area Level 1

SA2 Statistical Area Level 2

SA3 Statistical Area Level 3

SA4 Statistical Area Level 4

SD Statistical Division

SED State Electoral Division

SLA Statistical Local Area

SSC State Suburb

SSD Statistical Sub-Division

STE State/Territory

UC/L Urban Centre/Locality

WAHD Western Australian Health District

WAHR Western Australian Health Region

WZ Working Zone


AHD Australian Height Datum

Anova Analysis of Variation

ANZSIC Australia/New Zealand Standard for Industry Classification

API Application Programming Interface

BASIX Building and Sustainability Index

CSV Comma Separated Values’, a common format for exchange of tabular data, such as spreadsheets

DTM Digital Terrain Model

FCL Finished Ceiling Level

FFL Finished Floor Level

GIS Geographic Information System

GML Geographic Modelling Language

GPS Global Positioning System

ICT Information Communications Technology

JSON JavaScript Object Notation’, a marked-up format similar to XML useful for coders. Also known as GeoJSON. Viewers available online such as

LUM Land Use Mix

MCA Multiple Criteria Analysis

MCDM Multiple Criteria Decision Tool

NEXIS National Exposure Information System (from GA)

OSM Open Street Map

PCA Principal Component Analysis

RRMSE Root Mean Squared Error

SDSS Spatial Decision Support System

SHP Shapefile’, these shapefiles are generally a set of files containing geo-referenced tabular data and geographic geometries ofr use in Geographic Information Systems

TIN Triangular Irregular Network

XML eXtensible Mark-up Language


AAF Australian Access Federation

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics

ANDS Australian National Data Service

ANZLIC Australia/New Zealand Land Information Council

APM Australian Property Monitors

AUGOV Australian Government

AURIN Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network

CofFEE Centre of Full Employment and Equity

CoM City of Melbourne

CoS City of Sydney

CRC Collaborative Research Centre

CSDILA Centre for Spatial Data, Infrastructures and Land Administration

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

DoJUSTICE Victorian Department of Justice

GA Geoscience Australia

ICA International Cartographers Association

MAV Municipal Association Victoria

MPA Victorian Metropolitan Planning Authority

MSSI Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

NATSEM National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling

NeCTAR National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources

OGC Open Geospatial Consortium

OSGeo Open Source Geospatial Foundation

PHIDU Public Health Information Development Unit

PSMA Public Sector Mapping Agency

QCIF Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation

QUT Queensland University of Technology

RBB Rental Bond Board

RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

UNSW University of New South Wales

UoM University of Melbourne

UQ University of Queensland

VCGLR Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

VG Valuer General

VHO Virtual Home Organisation’, a facility from AAF

VicDEECD Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

VicDEPI Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries

VicDHS Victorian Department of Human Services

VicDOH Victorian Department of Health

VicDPCD Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development

VicEPA Victorian Environmental Protection Authority